1345 K. Street SE Condos

About This Project

This new construction of a 33,000 sq. ft. 36 unit, five-story, condominium building in southeast DC was a challenging project. Much of the design was completed throughout the construction process. Even though over 17 significant owner directed changes were implemented during construction, ADI completed this now fully occupied modern condominium. The extremely tight working environment that included excavation, structure, all finishes, site work and utilities. The condos are accented with stone countertops, porcelain and ceramic tile and herringbone hickory wood floors. The exterior was finished with Stonewood HPL siding, custom polished block and custom EIFS. This was a difficult project from start to completion. Even with the numerous revisions, ADI pulled through to the finish line with a beautiful end product for the new residents.

Project Overview

  • Location: Washington, DC
  • Completed: May 2018
  • Size (sqft): 31,388
  • Value: $7,800,000.00