Project Development – Value Engineering

ADI holds meetings with the Architect, Engineer and Owner during the conceptual and preliminary design development to advise on materials, building systems and equipment selection.

Recommendations are provided on construction feasibility, availability of materials and labor, time requirements, costs of alternative designs or materials, preliminary budgets.

Provides information on life cycle and maintenance costs to enable the client to make the most cost-effective decisions.

Scheduling – Critical Path Implementation

Development of a project schedule that coordinates and integrates all time requirements.

Updates are made in real-time to include detailed project operations, realistic activity sequences and durations, labor and material allocation, shop drawings and samples processing, and delivery of products requiring long lead time procurement.

The Owner's occupancy requirements are always the paramount governing force over the schedule.

Project Construction Budget

Incorporation of all project cost requirements within the parameters of the guaranteed maximum price.

The budget is updated and refined as the development of the drawings and specifications proceeds.

If it appears the budget may be exceeded, the Architect, Engineer and Owner are advised and recommendations made.

Construction Planning

Long lead items are identified and expedited when necessary to ensure delivery by the required dates.

ADI takes a phased construction approach, taking into consideration such factors as: time, performance, availability of labor, overlapping trade jurisdictions, provisions for interdependent installations and the tenant’s occupancy requirements.

The drawings and specifications are reviewed to eliminate areas of conflict and overlapping work.

Once construction document specifications are completed, competitive bids are solicited from all trades.

A thorough analysis of all subcontractor bids is then conducted and the contracts are awarded.