Project Control

ADI Construction carefully orchestrates the work of the trade contractors and material suppliers.

ADI coordinates and communicates with the Architect and Engineer to complete the project in accordance with the Owner's cost, time and quality objectives.

A full-time staff is maintained at the project site to coordinate and provide comprehensive direction to subcontractors.

During scheduled progress meetings, the subcontractors, Owner, Architect, Engineer, Project Manager and Superintendent discuss procedures, progress, issues and scheduling.

Upcoming work is reviewed and subcontractors are contacted about schedule changes to meet the completion date.

Cost Control

The project construction budget is revised and refined, incorporating approved changes as they occur.

Cash flow reports and forecasts are developed as needed.

Complete accounting records are maintained on work performed under the agreement.


ADI Construction will assist the owner and architect in obtaining all required building permits for permanent improvements as well as obtaining approvals from all necessary authorities.


The Superintendent inspects the work of all subcontractors throughout the project for defects and deficiencies.

The subcontractor’s safety program is reviewed for compliance with the ADI's Loss Prevention and Safety Policy.

ADI will recommend corrective action and enforce compliance with the construction documents.