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901 N Stuart Spec Suites
901 N Stuart Spec Suites - Washington, DC
Construction of five floors of spec suites, common corridors, restrooms and elevator lobbies.
1201 Eye St Rooftop Expansion
1201 Rooftop Expansion - Washington, DC
Demolition and renovation to the penthouse and expansion of the rooftop terrace at 1201 Eye St.
1201 Modifications
12th Floor Modifications - Washington, DC
Structural renovation, with added steel support.
Ballston Gateway - 2nd Floor
Ballston Gateway 2nd Floor - Arlington, VA
Transformation of an empty shell into a high-end spec suite.
1233 Fitness Center
1233 Fitness Center - Washington, DC
A new corporate gym in downtown DC.
1730 M Street Lobby Renovation
1730 M St. Lobby Renovation - Washington, DC
Transformation into a high-end entry-way.
Investment Building Duct Relocation
Investment Building Duct Relocation - Washington, DC
Removal and replacement of an existing duct under a tight schedule.
PIW Facade Repairs
PIW Façade Repairs - Washington, DC
Rebuilding of the exterior of The Psychiatric Institute of Washington.
2800 Eisenhower - Cap Improvements
2800 Eisenhower - Alexandria, VA
Improvements and upgrades leading to increased appeal to tenants and market value.
1199 N Fairfax
1199 North Fairfax - Alexandria, VA
Improvements to 2nd, 8th and 9th floor spec suites.
Ballston Gateway
Ballston Gateway - Arlington, VA
Three floors of demolition, with renovations to a high-end spec suite on the 5th floor.
Top Golf
Top Golf - Alexandria, VA
Complete renovation to Top Golf's Signature Room.
1350 Eye St
1350 Eye St. Lower Level - Washington, DC
Upgrades to the Lower Level elevator lobby, fitness center entrance, kitchen, corridors and two conference rooms.
Chiller Installation
Chiller Installation - TechShop - Arlington, VA
Installation of a new rooftop chiller and screen wall.
Front Point Security Elevator Lobby
Front Point Elevator Lobby - Vienna, VA
Renovation of the 7th floor elevator lobbby with intricate tile flooring and re-haul of vaulted dome skylight.
1050 Thomas Jefferson Fitness Center
Thomas Jefferson Fitness - Washington, DC
Conversion of a storage facility to full functioning corporate gym.
Crystal City Metro
Crystal City Metro - Arlington, VA
Phased renovation to the above ground metro entrance.
1750 Fitness Center
1750 Penn Fitness Center - Washington, DC
Conversion of an old restaurant into an energetic fitness center.
Crystal City Plaza
Crystal City Plaza Paving - Arlington, VA
Renovation to the outdoor space in Crystal City.
Corinthian Colleges
Corinthian Colleges, Inc. - Vienna, VA
Re-construction of 28,000 sf in one of Corinthian's campus' in Tyson's Corner.
GWU Conference Center - Washington, DC
New conference center nested within the four-star Four Seasons Hotel.
901 K Street Elevator Lobby - Washington, DC
Hand-picked marble slabs were used for this beautiful upgrade of a multi-tenant elevator lobby.
1445 NY
1445 New York Avenue - Washington, DC
Complete main lobby renovation of this Class A office building.
Tyson's Fitness Center - McLean, VA
Tiled bathrooms, open ceilings and translucent corrugated back-lit wall panels highlight this fitness center.
Bel Alton
Bel Alton School - Bel Alton, MD
Interior and exterior renovation of a historic site.
Campus at Sunrise - Washington, DC
Numerous interior and exterior capital improvements.
H Street
1401 H Street Canopy - Washington, DC
ADI builds a classic canopy structure in DC's business district.