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Beard Challenge
11/10/2014 Beard Challenge

ADI boys take part in No-Shave November.
Halloween 2014
10/31/2014 Halloween Costume Contest 2014

Mighty Estimating Ninja Turtles, Accounting Minions, Ms. Doubtfire.
8/16/2014 2014 Summer Softball Champions

ADI wins the championship for Summer Corporate Co-ed Fairfax Adult Softball.
Higher Achievement
03/14/2014 Higher Achievement Breaking Ground

ADI partners with Vornado / Charles E. Smith to break ground on the Higher Achievement project.
Chili Cook Off 2014
01/30/2014 Third Annual Chili Cook Off

ADI hosts the 3rd Annual Superbowl Chili Cook Off to compete for the top Chili title.
Saying Goodbye to Summer
08/30/2013 Saying Goodbye to Summer BBQ

ADI closes the season with an annual end of summer BBQ.
Top Golf
08/29/2013 Top Golf with Clients

ADI spends an afternoon with clients at Top Golf.
Annual Chili Cook Off
02/01/2013 Annual Superbowl Chili Cook-off

ADI and clients compete to win the title of World's Best Chili.
JDRF Volleyball
06/07/2012 JDRF Real Estate Games Volleyball Tournament

Team participates in tournament to help support the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and wins 2nd place!
Superbowl Chili Cook Off
02/03/2012 Superbowl Chili Cook-off

Members compete against each other in a Chili Cook Off.
End of Summer BBQ
09/02/2011 End of Summer BBQ

The best way to end the summer. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and great company.
Christmas in April
04/29/2011 Christmas in April Volunteer Work

ADI volunteers with the organization 'Christmas in April' to help rehabilitate low-income homeowners.