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The Senior Project Manager's priority is to provide sound proactive directives that will facilitate smooth execution of projects.

Responsible for directing and overseeing the day-to-day activities of each project management team, establishing and implementing procedures and organizational structure within the framework of the broader corporate policy.

Plans, staffs and supervises all assigned team activities through subordinate managers, and provides advice, guidance and direction to team members.

Regular communication with team members to review a project's status on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, via reports and internal and external meetings.

The Project Manager is responsible for providing overall management direction for two or more projects from buy-out through project completion.

The Project Manager initiates and maintains contact with the Client, Architect and Engineer to facilitate all constructio activities.

On-site, the Project Manager monitors and controls construction through administrative direction of Superintendents to ensure that the project is built on schedule and within budget.

Off-site, the Project Manager represents the company in project progress meetings and manages the financial aspects of the project.

The Project Support Administrator ensures that the goals and objectives of a project are accomplished by planning and coordinating project activities.

The Project Support Administrator maintains current information regarding all facets of a project's status, ensuring timely submission of project materials for review and approval, confirmation of material delivery dates, and any issues regarding subcontractor's requests for additional information.

Generation of all correspondence related to subcontractor issues, researching material lead times, and equal substitution for long lead time materials, and overseeing the information flow to Mission Control and Accounting.

Reports potential issues, work interruptions, conflicts and schedule impacts, which assist in circumventing and resolving matters as they arise.

Project Support processes submittals for review and approval and distributes them to subcontactors and internal departments.

This department regularly follows up with subcontractors and suppliers on delivery dates, and prepares Owner's Close Out Manuals, including As-Built Drawings and Inspection Approvals.

Estimators review proposal specifications and drawings to determine scope of work, and prepare estimates by calculating complete take-off.

Review design options and recommend best solutions based on cost, engineering quality, or availability of materials.

Qualify subcontractors for the bid list, review contract documents for complete scope coverage, research value engineering alternatives, and verify subcontractors' proposals for accuracy and competitive pricing.

Project accountants process vendor and subcontractor invoices for payment.

Generate reports and schedules through the job cost and accounting system.

Assist in preparing special reports and studies requested by the Client or the Project Management Team.

Perform on-time billing and processing of lien waivers and reconcile financial activity for each project.

The Superintendent is responsible for providing on-site administrative and technical management.

Supervision of the day-to-day effort to ensure the project is completed in accordance with design, budget and schedule.

Plan, coordinate and supervise on-site functions, such as scheduling, engineering, and material control through daily reports, two-week look-ahead schedules and weekly progress photographs.

Interpretation of construction drawings and recommendations of construction methods and equipment.

Superintendents assist the Project Management Team to ensure that all on-site personnel comply with project procedures and safety requirements.

Full comprehension of contract documents and verification of new work performed by subcontractors for completeness and quality of workmanship.

Safety is paramount to the successful execution of every project.

ADI provides regular safety training to employees to ensure their safety and that of others. As a result, the company has enjoyed an extremely low incident level for several years.

ADI's Corporate Safety Officer implements and enforces safety procedures, is a United States Department of Labor board certified 500 instructor to the construction industry and is a member of the American Society for Quality.

Quality Control is comprised of four different positions in the company:

  1. The first line of quality control is the superintendent, who is first and foremost responsible for safety, quality and cleanliness on our jobsites.
  2. The General Field Superintendent visits the site frequently to review the project safety, quality and cleanliness.
  3. The Project Manager reviews the work for conformance with ADI standards are each weekly progress meeting.
  4. ADI's Executive Team visits jobsites monthly to review the construction progress.

Adherence to the highest levels of safety and quality are at the core of our corporate culture.

We, as a company, have developed a Zero Tolerance Policy as it regards safety, quality, cleanliness, responsiveness and professionalism. Anything less is simply not acceptable.

The General Field Superintendent is responsible oversight of staff direction and guidance to field personnel.

Serving as the Senior Technical Advisor to projects to assist in complex construction or start-up issues, ensuring all company procedures are observed.

Assist with implementation and interpretation of corporate safety programs and development of supervision trainging programs.